Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last day at the India Engineering Center

I wrote this entry, originally, on July 5, 2004.

This is my last day at Sun Microsystems' India Engineering Center (IEC).

The IEC was first established in 1998 but it is still expanding. There's a new first floor addition in the Divyasree Chambers complex, where it is located next to Cisco's offices in Bangalore.

It has been a great visit, and I have met many bright and professional engineers and managers working on all kinds of cool technologies. Of course, my focus has been on the application server and the web server teams. We talked extensively about clustering (including failure detection and replication techniques) and also quite a bit about telecommunications market and applications. It has been a wonderful experience and visit.

During this past weekend in Bangalore, I had a chance to visit the market in city center and also some malls. Of course, there's a great contrast between the two, the main being the distribution and business model. On the one side you have very small businesses and on the other, you have the smoothed-out businesses depending on international distribution channels. I believe, for a long time to come, both will survive and propser.

And yes, last night, as many others, I did watch the Greek victory over Portugal in Euro 2004 final ! ! !

This evening, I leave for Mumbai and then later for Frankfurt, where I'll begin my family vacation.

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